Dragontail Logistics, LLC is based in Orlando, Florida dedicated to providing "Power-Only" Freight Transportation Services to transport movement of goods by truckload in North America from Origin to Destination. The Company has developed a reputation for it's on-time, reliability and cost savings because We understand the needs of the respective Organization, as well as the Logistics industry with our  "Power-Only" services.

Whatever load you need to move, We will deliver your refrigerated temperature-controlled vans and dry vans trailers to it's required destination ensuring quick and on-time delivery solutions through it's own "Power-Only" truck fleet.

Our "Power-Only" Services allows you to make your existing operations without significant disruptions, by moving your company owned or leased trailers with the power capacity you require while utilizing your own trailers.

We are a "Power Only" trucking company providing over-the-road transportation of cargo using a semi-truck to haul your freight in North America from Suppliers to Manufactures to Distributors and Retailers, operating in partnership with Distribution Centers, Warehouses, and Wholesaler.

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